Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday at Grenada Community Berean Church

The Go, see, serve team had the privilege of sharing at both services Sunday morning. The second service was 2 hours long!! African style!! It was an incredible time where truth was spoken and account of God's awesomeness, sovereignty and power was given.

You can listen to it here: Click on "Sunday sermons" then go down to May 30th. I had to click on "download" to get it to play but you are supposed to just click on the date.

Take care.


  1. Just listened, as best I could, at an outdoor internet cafe in Bunga, Uganda. Wow! It is amazing how God can impact people who choose to serve the poor, needy and orphaned of the world, and how they in turn can impact others. When you Go, See, Serve in the love of Jesus, He changes people. Only eternity will show how far the impact of this trip will reach. You have blessed me and the kids of Redeemer House more than you will know. God bless you all!

  2. We were so blessed to be at the service Sunday morning. Thank you for sharing from your hearts & telling of all that God did in & through all of you in Uganda. Our hearts were deeply touched, convicted, encouraged, & challenged by the things you shared. We could have stayed & listened all day as I know you said you had much more to share. I am so glad that we can listen again to Sunday's serve & pray that the impact the Lord made on us will not ever be forgotten but instead we will look to Him for wisdom & direction as to where & how we can be used in this ministry.
    Grace & Blessing to you all
    Mike & Mandi Sheppard