Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Armor of God

Day 6
So much to say, no words can explain what we have experienced, the faith of the believers here, you would need to experience yourself to understand. When they pray they pray believing, expecting an answer and God hears the cry of His people. Yesterday I had a young girl from the Redeemer House ask if she could pray for me I had no idea what her prayer was, it was in Luganda but I could truly feel the presence of God as she prayed. We as a team have witnessed the healing power of God through the prayers of these children. When we got back to the apartment the church next door was alive and well with worship and preaching. At about 12:00 AM I thought their church service would be ending at any time but at 5:00AM my thought was, go home so I can get some sleep. The minute that thought went through my head I started praying for salvation for the lost that might be in the service. The moment I started praying I felt like some- one’s hand was choking me. I rebuked Satan in the name of Jesus Christ but it wasn’t until I opened my Bible when that feeling left. Sounds strange but it left me an emotional wreck. Spiritual warfare is alive and well in Uganda. We need to cloth ourselves with the full Armor of God. Please keep us in your prayers.
We went to the slums today to reach out and love on the people who live in “Kuwaka“. Most of the children at Redeemer House came from this slum. We were given a tour of the slum, again unexplainable. We held a VBS with songs and gifts for the children. Kathy and Justin spoke and then the whole team plus the Redeemer House kids and staff helped lead some worship. Then Tom and I preached. We were blessed to see several people give their life to Christ. Thirty to forty people came forward for prayer. After the service we had purchased beans, rice, posho, salt and sugar to giveaway. The children from the Redeemer House fasted so they could purchase soap to give to the people. What a blessing to see how thankful they were to receive something to eat. What a day to celebrate the joy of the Lord.
Please keep praying for us.
Love in Christ, Ron


  1. It's awesome to know God is answering prayers for breakouts of His Spirit, and that you could experience the struggle with Satan to know His power over evil. I'm praying that y'all will pray with authority - for physical healings, salvation, strengthening of the mind, wisdom and prophetic words, the turning away of Satan, and the outpouring of His Spirit in power. "God, may Your new wine fall on Your servants and empower them with boldness and love in ways they have never experienced. May they break into the darkness with Your Kingdom power. Bring Your light to overpower the forces of darkness so that Your glory will be made known."

    Isa 58:8...your light shall break forth like the morning, your healing shall spring forth speedily, and your righteousness shall go before you; the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard.

  2. Praying for you all! Thank you for sharing - it is a true Spiritual battle. Love you all!

  3. Hi Ron & Renee
    We have been praying for your trip to Uganda for awhile now (since we 1st heard you were going. We planned to call before you left & then the time slipped away) & continue to pray for God to use your team to bring His Love, His comfort, encouragement & will meet the specific needs He brought you all there for. You both have such tender hearts & have been given a special gift for touching the lives of those who hurt & are less fortunate. that the Lord has been using, shaping & preparing for many years. He knew long, long ago that you would be there at this very time & send you to be His hands & feet, His voice, His heart & to do His will for His Glory & Kingdom. Your lives will be changed forever I am sure but because of your willingness to say "YES" to His call to go to Uganda, many lives will be touch & also changed in ways that you might never see as you bring the message of Jesus & His love to those who may have never heard. We can't even begin to imagine in kind of anyway what hardships, poverty, living situations, sickness & diseases, you are seeing & experiencing first hand. But please know that we are lifting you all up to the Lord & asking Him to fill you with His mighty power & strength to overflowing as you fight against the enemy & his evil, who doesn't want the Lord's work to flourish.
    "But Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world"

    We are thankful for answered prayer & praise the Lord for His healing hand upon Justin & others. God is so faithful!

    When I was praying this morning for you both & remembered that tomorrow is Mother's Day I though to myself "Lord it is not by accident that Renee is in Uganda & able to wrap her arms around those precious children & be a mommy as she pour her heart & love into them. Thank you Jesus for how much you care!!

    We are so thankful for this blog & the updates that have been written & the picture of these beautiful faces that light up the page. I loved reading your entry today Renee & it brought tears to my eyes as I tried to picture all that they Lord is doing in & through you. And to hear of the believers at the church next door worshiping for hours & hours & hours. WOW!! I felt deep sadness to think of when people here (who have so much) complain if they have to sit in a service longer than an hour sometimes or if the sermon went to long or if the worship songs didn't minister to them or if
    ........or......or.....or....on & on it goes.
    God must be sooooo grieved with our attitudes & ungrateful spirits.

    Thank to all of you who are updating us!! It helps to give us some small sense of your ministry there & how better to be praying for you all.
    "Prayer is the mighty engine that is to move the missionary work."

    You are in our hearts, thoughts & prayers
    & we love you so much!

    Blessed Be His Name!

  4. First let me say, "Thank you all for the sacrifices you are willingly and obediently making to take the love of Jesus to these beautiful people." I am humbled by your example and realize how little I personally sacrifice for His Kingdom. The words of Isaiah seem so appropriate here, "The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned." To you Justin I want to say, "a father can want for no more in this life than that his children grow up to love and serve Jesus with all their heart." I am truly blessed! We continue to pray for you all and the hearts that are receiving the message, thanks for keeping us informed.

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow!