Tuesday, May 11, 2010

faith like a child

Tonight's blog is being brought to you by Elicia, again. Tom said he's too tired tonight, but promises to blog tommorrow... Kevin has decided that since a picture is worth a thousand words he's already posted upwards of 20,000 so he's under the impression that he's off the hook for blogging and while I disagree he's been taking some pretty amazing shots so I can't argue much.

As you may, or may not, have noticed Chuck didn't say much about our day yesterday... That's because he spent six and a half hours yesterday trying to get a drill for hire, plywood, and some timber for various projects at The Redeemer House. I kid you not, almost 7 hours. The rest of us stayed up at the house. We sang worship with the kids, played, and were able to have some good conversations with some of the staff there. When Chuck did make it back with the drill we tried to put together triple-decker bunk beds that have quite a story behind them (ask Jaja Kathy about them). None of the peices have been measured properly AND there were no slats to keep the mattress' (2" pieces of foam) up. Unfortunatly the screws that we ended up with were too short so about a half hour after we got back to our guest house Justin got a call from his mom saying that the boys bunk had fallen apart when one of the boys was getting up onto the middle bunk. So last night the kids slept on the floor again.

This morning Lashae and I FINALLY got our first rides on bottabottas! So fun! After Chuck went to the steal store to get better screws, (he'd tried to yesterday, but the guys who work there decided to take an hour and a half lunch break), we were able to put the bunk beds together so they would stay together. Then the work began. Kevin and Tom built shelves for the girls closet. Charlie bulit a toothbrush holder for the bathroom and a counter for the kitchen. Justin, Mark, and Ron along with a rotation of kids, Sandy, and Patrick (two of the guys working at Redeemer House) built 6 benches. Not without some confusion when it came to Mark's counting though. Renee, Lashae and I ran interference for the kids and also helped on projects when the guys would let us.

It has been so great spending so much time up there because we have really gotten to know all of the kids and see their personalities truly shine after spending a few days together. These kids who started their lives in slums and have experienced more pain and heartache then I can imagine still have such joy and are still able to let loose and just be kids. The faith they have in Christ is astounding. There is not an hour that passes where I don't hear kids wondering around singing worship songs. Every day we've been at the house at least three other kids come and hang out all day and get fed, taught, and loved just like all the rest. They are so satisfied with what they have, even though it is so little. 8 girls live in 14'-14' room. Each girl has their own shelf that isn't even close to full. By the time we leave there will also be 8 boys living in a room that is 9'-10' (they have decided to add a new boy to the house). They do have a running toliet in the house, but instead a new latrine and shower has been put in out back. There is a tall skinny tree in the front yard that the kids have tied a rope to one of the branches and put a stick through the loop at the bottom to make a swing. And they all have such JOY! You'd have to meet them to truly understand. But hopefully that kind of helps.

Miss Ashton sent us a great verse today that just fit perfectly for... well everyday, but espically today: Let them praise the name of the Lord, for His name alone is exhaulted; His splendor is above the earth and the heavens. --Psalm 148:13

Thank you all for your prayers!


  1. Oh Ashton will love that - I had no idea what she wrote. God is good!

    Sounds like a productive day at Redeemer House.

    Love you all!

  2. Thank you so much for this post...I love the title soooo true....I also love the details...I'm so glad you guys are all enjoying our letters. It is so fun to hear who's got read on what day, and the effect. God is so good.


  3. I'm so encouraged for you Frecks! I can't wait to hear about all of the things that God is teaching you over there! I'm praying for you everyday!