Sunday, May 9, 2010


Today we attended two church services, one at Gaba church, and one at Grace ministries international. We started around 8:30 and ended at 2:00pm. Heavy rains caused a slight delay however. The first and second church were not without contrast between them. The worship music and dance is fantastic and engaging, the passion is unlike I have ever seen. The sermon was on repentance, starting with forgiving yourself, and others, also not repeating those sins that you have asked to be forgiven for. Math. 6: 14-15, 1st john 1: 8-10, Rom 6:1-4. The style of the pastor is fun as he interacts with the church. Helloooo!! (inside team joke,sorry)The second church had a little different flavor with a lot of attention focused on the rich muzungu visitors that had shown up to their church.
After church, on our way to Redeemer house, we visited some more slum areas. As we walked the roads it’s hard to explain just how close the car vs. pedestrian situation is. Had a great meal at the Redeemer house and played with the kids. It is safe to say each one of them craves the attention of each and everyone of the team, we are blessed to give it.



  1. Oh Wow Mark is there! Just kiddin'! Thanks for giving us an update.

  2. So great to see your smiling faces in all the photos. We can FEEL the spirit through the pictures! AMAZING!

  3. in my husband?? So you are alive! I hope you are feeling better babe. Been trying to call you. Text me when you can get a call. Love you!