Friday, May 28, 2010

Reasons why...

...I love Uganda:

God used it. Just like I prayed He would and more. To break my heart for what breaks His. To teach me, once again, the importance of trusting in Him. To open my eyes to SO MANY widows and orphans. To remind me that I can make a difference. To renew my spirit. To give me new dreams.

The children. Every single one is amazing, beautiful, and heartbreaking. They each have so much to offer. My prayer is that every child I saw is able to be in a home where people love them. Pray for them. And help to equip them to live up to their incredible potential.

Prayers in Luganda. Every night the RHO kids sit around the kitchen table lifting up prayers to God. Even though I could never understand it and they always would be talking over one another the passion and urgency in their prayers was undeniable. And inspiring.

The Ugandan people! Everyone that I met had a unique story. Almost every single one broke my heart in a new way. Yet the people there have so much joy in life and strive to care for their families and others. There is a different way that people there connect to one another, it seems to get so much deeper so much faster then everywhere else I've been, (even camps!).

The non-Ugandan's who live there and have a passion for the people. Kathy through The Redeemer House. Amy at Loving Hearts Babies Home. Abby and Jess working with and setting up feeding programs for kids living on the streets of Kampala. Sheleah and the ministry her family has started to help refugee's from Sudan, Congo, and anywhere to start a new life in Uganda.

How different it is. It is so beyond and so much more than anything I could have begun to imagine. The way they build, drive, live, everything! It's just different!

Fresh pineapples and avocados. I ate them both a lot. Because they're fresh, cheap, and everywhere.

Greetings from Redeemer House kids. Most of all the one I mentioned in my last blog. But every morning when I first saw them each kid would say: "Praise God Aunt Elicia". That's just it. They were so happy for the day and me, (of all people!), being there to share it with them that they would always start by praising God.

There is hope. I saw it in the eyes of some of the people there. Hope for Uganda. Hope for change. Hope for a better future for themselves and their children. Hope in Christ Jesus.

In 28 days God was able to use everything about Uganda to forever change me. And I could not be more grateful. Or terrified.


  1. Thanks for that, Elicia. I'm sure trying to express things in words is like trying to give people a fire hose to drink from. And for yourself, wondering how God wants you to use the experience to mold you, conform you to His will and image can be a bit scary and overwhelming. Whatever the result, you'll feel fulfilled because God is the One at work in you. Praise God.

  2. This is such a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing, it is deep and yet compact. Everytime I read something any of you team members post it just blesses me huge, because it gives the rest of us just a bit more insight. Thanks for taking the time to blog it is such a testimony. I loved meeting you in person finally, you are a amazing woman of God!!! Keep it up.

  3. Wow, Elicia! You said a lot! It's so hard to explain the impact of the people of Uganda have on you. But when you get to know them and their stories, you are forever changed. I am so grateful for the extra time you spent here, not just for what you did (which was awesome), but also because I got to see your heart for the kids and your love for God, and it blessed me so! I can hardly wait to see how God will use you! (Maybe here?!!) Praying that I'll see you here again soon, with your own "team". Love you!