Sunday, May 30, 2010

Orphans of God - Uganda

Click the title to see a video slideshow from the trip.


  1. Thanks for bringing those images to us today, Kevin. And thanks for speaking of your healing the way you did...of the way the Holy Spirit challenged your doubt and keyed you into the faith of that young 12yr old girl praying for you. And then the healing power of God as the Holy Spirit fell on you. How awesome is that! I couldn't help, but shout it out! I thought to myself as you were sharing, "God, You are so awesome...I just want to shout it out. Help us all to shout your praises, so that the rocks don't cry out!" And then God said to me, "What're you waiting for?" I loved how you also prayed for God to heal you, or at least give you the strength to do what you had gone to Uganda to do. Thanks, Kevin, for letting God mold you.

  2. Kevin - Awesome! Thanks for sharing your pictures. Here we are in Nebraska, enjoying this brief 'report'. We pray for God's special mercy for those children. -- by John on Debbie's profile

  3. Beautiful pictures of the children of Uganda! Thanks for loving them, Kevin, and for letting God use you here. I cried the first time I saw this (on U-Tube), for the kids I know and love so much, and for the kids who have no one to love them. Keep on sharing!