Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I'm home. I'm getting ready to get into my clean warm bed. My stomach is full. I'm tired but totally healthy. I just walked to the kitchen sink and got a clean glass of cold water and then plugged in my cell phone and digital camera to charge. The heater just kicked on to keep the house within two degrees of the set temperature.

Where am I? Where have I been?

Lord, don't ever let me forget what you've taught me. Your love is better than life. Help me to walk worthy!


  1. We're so thankful to have you home safely. I am praying for your readjustment to our culture - that you won't leave behind the things you have learned, but that they will inform the rest of your life, the decisions you make, and your focus from here on.
    from John

  2. May we all never forget. God help us all to walk worthy of the calling.

  3. Now you will need time to listen and hear from God about all that you have experienced. Like John said, may those experiences inform the rest of your life, living in a culture that is so different and has so little regard for the things you were just a part of. May God be our passion, that we may throw off the pursuit of pleasure, for His good pleasure. Love you, brother!

  4. Perspective. God help us keep perspective. I still struggle, when I go home, to pass up that mocha, or forego those new flowers for my yard, or to not have to buy my grandkids the best gifts. And I know! And I know that God holds me resonsible for what I know. God, give me more of your heart. Mine is so selfish. Help me love like you want me to. Please .