Thursday, May 6, 2010

Amazing people!

Where do I start? So many emotions. So much to process. I tried to imagine what it would look like, but that turned out to be truly impossible. I was able to process really dirty and run down and sad because I have been to Mexico on a mission trip before but that wasn't even close. We have all expressed at one time or another that we will never really be able to express so that you all will truly understand. I have to pause for a moment because as I sit here on the back patio of our home there is a big convention or something going on in the church next door and I can hear the most beautiful singing going on in their native tongue, like angels from Heaven. What a blessing on this day. We are having a little set back right now as several members of our team have become ill. Justin is in the clinic on I.V. and will remain there for several more hours. Elicia appears to have some sort of urinary tract infection and is on antibiotics now and doing better. Lashae is starting to get sick so Kathy (Justin's mom) has started her on some things that should clear her up shortly, she is resting right now. Kevin started to get something but it seems to be clearing up as well. Charlie is at the hospital sitting with Justin and the 2 girls and I are hanging out at the house so they can rest. Kevin, Ron and Mark went to Redeemer House to see the kids. Today was suppose to be our swimming day so we will postpone that until everyone heals. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!! Other than that it has been an eye opening experience for all of us.
We come to places like this to offer these people Jesus. And that it what He calls us to. But I can't help but think, after being here for 4 days that we need to take these people to America in droves to show us who He is. They truly know from the depths of their hearts what it means to trust our living God. As they sat in a little "kitchen", this by the way is a little room about 5'by 6' with a dirt floor and only a few boards for walls and preach their hope in Jesus as they cook on a little stove about the size of a camp barbque with coal (can't tell you how hot that little room was) for most of the day to put out a meal for the kids, staff and we visitors all day long. By the way this was at Ssenge the boys home we were at the past three days. And that's not the only time we saw faith like that. These people are amazing. I hesitate to say it but we in America have no idea (including myself) what it truly means to trust Him and love Him in the toughest of tough situation. I know I have never been in that tough of a situation in my whole life. It will be extremely difficult to return home after an experience like this. I don't believe that any of our lives will ever be the same. So please continue to pray for all of us and for the people we come in contact with that God will truly use us in the way He sees fit as we desire to be used by Him in awesome ways. We love and miss you all. By the way, God has answered my prayer to hold back the tears "somewhat". However, calling home and talking to the kids and grandkids was very difficult. Also, the babies home sent me into a very difficult place. But God is good and He restores, praise You Jesus. I am almost out of battery so I need to send this now.
Thank you for all your love and prayers, keep them up please. God Bless, Renee'


  1. We are praying for you all. For your health and your hearts.

    Love, Jenay

  2. God is good all the time, all the time God is good! Love you and everyone on the team - praying like crazy.

  3. Praying for healing and for your hearts. Sending love to you all.

  4. Mom,
    I loved reading your post! We are praying for healing and strength for each of you. Sha's right, God is good, ALL THE TIME!!! He knew when and where you needed to be to let those tears come! We loved hearing your voice, and I too held back tears. I remember when I got to call home from the Ukraine (and back then it was a BIG deal to be able to even that) emotions were flowing like crazy. I was SOOOO excited and suprised to hear your voice. And the kids cracked me up. It was great. It was as though you were just on vacation, and you were called to say hi! Boy, we are spoiled by modern technology. They didn't understand HOW SPECIAL it was to hear your voices!!! Can't wait to hear more. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!