Friday, April 30, 2010


It's kinda crazy to think that this time tomorrow we'll be about to be getting on the plane to Amsterdam. Ridiculous. I can barely wrap my brain around it.. I honestly don't feel ready at all, but I have faith God will use that. A lot. And I'll be broken. But he'll use my brokeness. So that's awesome. I've spent the past 2 weeks filled with papers, tests, and saying goodbye to friends. So my brain feels fried. For real. But... Like I said. God can use it. I would ask that you pray for my openness to just give up everything I think I need to God and give Him the control of my life and this trip. So I just ask that you pray for all of us. Travel safety would be a big one. And just open hearts. We really could use that. Thanks so much for all the support and prayers you all have given us so far!! We SO appreciate you all!!

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  1. Praying girl!!! I'm sooo excited that you and Lashae get to be together on this trip. I've never met you and you remind me of my girl. The Lord put all this together and He is going to use it ALL!!!

    Jenay (lashae's mom)