Tuesday, April 6, 2010

change my heart o GOD

Hi!! I am Ron Campbell the husband of Renee’ and I am also so excited to see what the Lord is going to do on this trip. YES, I know I am the last to blog, that might show my love for computers. I have had several people ask me why I am going to Uganda and say I thought your ministry was right here. Well that is right. I known the Lord has called me to minister in our area, BUT I truly feel that the Lord can change my heart and expand my ministry . My prayer is that I will be able to see people through HIS eyes and not mine. We have people right here in our community that we over look and are afraid to minister to. I believe we as the church in America have become so ingrown ministering to the saved, we forget about the unlovely , the unsaved , the down and out and the sick and dieing. Three weeks ago while setting in a men’s breakfast at the Purple Plum Restaurant I watched as an old class mate of mine walked by. This man, a very talented musician could have been a music teacher or what ever he wanted to be. He was very popular in school and was great at all the sports the school offered. What was his story? Who ministered to him? Why didn’t I invite him in and ask him his story??? I read his obituary a week or so later in the news paper. Did anyone tell him of the love of Christ? Had he accepted the gift of eternal life with Christ Jesus? I hope I hear the answer to that question one day. Can the Lord do a work in my heart in Africa for the down and out ? My prayer is that as we work, love and minister to the poorest of the poor in Uganda, Christ will transform my love for the needy around us. Matthew 28:19 Therefore GO -----I know I can't save anyone but I can tell them about my best friend who can. HE HAS RISEN!!! Please pray for us that Christ will work in and through this team as we open our lives up to Him to work through.


  1. Wow Ron, beautifully put! I teared up because that is what it did for me was opened my heart up to those I normally would write off as strange, etc.

    You and Renee are bloggers!!!!!!! :) And great bloggers at that!! We all need to share our hearts and what a great way!!

  2. Thanks, Ron. That was very challenging for me. We must keep our eyes open to those right around us. I am praying that God will continue to give you a passion for souls, and that this trip to Africa will reignite your passion for Siskiyou County.

  3. Ron, I had tears in my eyes as I read this, because it is so true that we often live our lives oblivious to the hurting people around us. I think one of the best things that happen with many who go on a mission trip is that God is able to touch their hearts more deeply for those around who need His love and grace, no matter where they are. I know you are a "people person" - God has given you His love for the people around you. It will be awesome to see how God will use you to touch the many hurting people here in Uganda who need to experience God's love by being loved by "someone with skin on."