Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm Elicia!

My intro's going to be a little shorter, but I'm the second youngest member of our team at 20 and am a junior at Simpson University studying Outdoor Leadership, (I want to work at a camp full time someday). I have done short term missions trips within the U.S. before, but never anything of this magnitude. This past fall I was trying to put a trip together to go to Nicaragua with a team from my school, but it didn't work and when I started praying about this trip I understood why.

Working with kids has always been one of my passions and as much as I'm scared to go work with all the orphans we'll be meeting I know God will use it to wreck me, in the best possible way. As we're preparing for the trip I ask for prayer that I continue to focus on God through the heartbreaking things that I'm going to see. For me not to get a super hero complex and think I can do all these things to help people, but continue to rely on God to protect all the people and children we come into contact with. Also just that God continues to refine in me a heart of service.

Thank you all so much for your prayers.


  1. Elicia, I am looking forward to meeting you! I met your mom just before I headed back to Uganda, and I have heard great things about your heart to serve. Praying that God will meet you in a great way on this trip! I'm counting down the days!

  2. Wow, Elicia. I'm excited to see God fulfill the desire of your heart to love children He loves. I'm glad that you will experience heartbreaking realities, so that God can shape a different reality of living in the Kingdom. You will find so much satisfaction in that! I think that God will want you to try to receive all you can from Him while you are there, and that as you love, He will be glorified...His love will be seen. Don't worry too much about how you will serve (i.e. what you will do), but more on being yourself - soft-hearted and tender in love for others. In that, you will find greater satisfaction and a sense of peace in pleasing His heart as the desires of your heart are fulfilled. God loves our pour it on! :)